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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have taken the world by storm as an in demand hair trend but it can be daunting navigating the overwhelming amount of choice and information available. Tsiknaris Hair are known as leader’s in hair extensions in Brisbane and are Brand Ambassadors for Amazing Hair. So we are here to give you all the information you need to choose the best hair extension method for you!

There are multiple methods of hair extensions available, none are better than others, it’s simply down to what is best for your hair and what goal’s you are trying to achieve. At Tsiknaris Hair we focus more on two types of extension methods, tape in hair extensions and weft hair extensions. We find that these two methods are the most suitable to a wide range of clientele and are safe on hair types that are comprised and require extra TLC. Both of these methods don’t require the use of any heat or glue. They are also the most seamless and natural looking hair extensions on the market.

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Our weft extensions come in three options depending the density of your hair and the result you are wanting from them. The difference between them are the seam size, the hair’s density and the way they are made. Our most popular weft being the famous “Genius” weft that’s amazed the world with the smallest seam possible at just 2mm whilst boasting amazing density, making this choice of weft virtually undetectable. Tsiknaris Hair weft hair extensions are not braided into the hair nor are they a waterfall method. We use a beaded row method that we have tried and tested to cause the least amount of tension on the hair and scalp resulting in a comfortable and healthy option for your weft hair extensions.

Tsiknaris Hair tape extensions come in two choices with the difference being the seam being wefted or not. A wefted tape extension has strands of hair placed on the top of the tape that makes them look like inserted strands of hair that seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Tape extensions are placed as a sand which, with the perfect amount of hair placed between two tape extensions by your Tsikanris specialist to ensure a healthy weight distribution. This means that your hair won’t have any tension on it causing breakage or discomfort.


All of our hair extensions come in 12”, 20” and 24” length providing you with any result you’ve been desiring. Both methods of hair extensions require maintenance every 4-8 weeks and is a simple and enjoyable salon experience keeping your hair looking at it’s best. 

Our Tsiknaris Hair extension specialists are also highly trained colourists and we find that this is key to our amazing results. Not only does it mean a flawless, undetectable result but we can create chemical free colour changes with the use of only hair extensions. That balayage, ombre or bright pop of colour you’ve been dreaming of is now achievable!

If you’d like to receive a complimentary colour match and consultation with one of our Tsiknaris Hair specialists to create the hair of your dreams click the link below.

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