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The Yuko hair system is the original and still the best Hair Straightening system around.  It was created in 1996 in Japan by Yuko Yamashita, a hair stylist and salon owner who wanted to make peoples lives easier when it came to hair care.

What Yuko recognised then, and still holds true today, is that most women want hair that behaves!  They want hair that stays straight, smooth and healthy with a great shine.

Working with Japanese sports and beauty company Phiten, Yuko created the Yuko Hair Straightening System and it has been consistently used in salons across the globe since 1996.

There are now over 70,000 successful salons worldwide using Yuko and this amazing product is now officially available for use in salons across Australia.

Selling only to salons that have attended Yuko Education, Yuko support their registered salons by providing Marketing, Education and Technical support at all times.


Questions & Answers

Q: How long does the YUKO hair straightening process take?
Depending on the hair type, length, amount of hair and damage level, it can be from 3 to 5 hours but we will give a quote once we have seen your hair.
Q: How long does YUKO hair straightening last?
Hair that is treated with YUKO will remain straight almost permanently. However, new hair will grow according to its natural texture. We recommend that you get YUKO touch-ups every 6 months, but the interval will vary depending on your natural hair texture and how quickly your hair grows.
Q: How soon after having YUKO hair straightening can the hair be washed or get wet?
You can wash or wet your hair 2 day after this treatment is done. Blow dry 100% after shampooing every time to maintain straightness.
Q: How does YUKO hair straightening work?
The solutions used for YUKO Hair Straightening, permanently straightens the hair. The solutions work by physically changing the internal structure of the hair. By applying heat with a flat iron, it creates a permanent straight shape.
Q: IS YUKO hair straightening safe?
Yes. YUKO solutions do not contain any chemicals that produce formaldehyde or any other cancer-causing substances.
Q: Will YUKO hair straightening damage my hair?
The YUKO process is not just about straightening hair, it also re-texturizes your hair to a healthy shine. Correct application by a trained and experienced stylist will give you the results you desire. Make sure you consult a stylist experienced in YUKO hair straightening if you have any concerns.
Q: Does YUKO hair straightening work on any type of hair?
Yes, YUKO hair straightening works on all hair types. The best candidate for YUKO hair straightening is healthy virgin hair or hair that has been colored by a stylist with single process color. (not home color)
Q: Can I have YUKO hair straightening and colour at the same time?
No. Colour your hair at least 2 weeks before or after the straightening procedure. Applying both chemical treatments simultaneously will result in hair damage, so do them separately to avoid undesirable results.
Q: I have done a different brand of Japanese hair straightening before. Can I still have YUKO hair straightening done?
If the previous hair straightening procedure uses the same chemical (Ammonium Thioglycolate) as YUKO straightening solutions, applying YUKO will not be a problem. Please contact both companies to make sure chemicals are the same. Even if both use the same chemicals, the YUKO hair straightening process may not fully work if the hair is badly damaged already.
Q: I have done a relaxer/Brazilian/Keratin treatment before. Can I still have YUKO hair straightening done?
No. We do not recommend getting YUKO hair straightening except on new growth. Please wait 3-4 months until the relaxer/Brazilian/Keratin Treatment coating is completely off your hair to get YUKO hair straightening.
Q: Do I need to use special hair-care products after the YUKO treatment?
YUKO offers home care products that will work optimally on hair that has been treated with YUKO hair straightening. Please refer to our After Care Tips for information on daily hair care.
Q: How is YUKO Japanese hair straightening different from other Japanese hair straightening methods?
In addition to being a state-of-the-art hair straightening system, YUKO hair straightening is also a recognized technique of restoring health to the hair. The YUKO Hair Straightening procedure holds a patent in the US, Japan, New Zealand, Turkey and other countries.
Q: How is YUKO Japanese hair straightening different from Brazilian/Keratin treatment methods?
YUKO Japanese hair straightening permanently straightens hair by physically changing the internal structure of hair. Brazilian/Keratin treatment temporarily coats hair with keratin to smooth hair. Brazilian/Keratin treatments will wash out in average 3 months, so you must visit a salon often to re-coat the hair with this method.
Brazilian/Keratin treatments may contain hazardous chemicals which release highly carcinogenic gas. For more information on the danger of chemicals, please check OSHA Safety and Regulations
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