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craving for length? perhaps for a special occassion BUT want a NATURAL and flawless look? then look no further, we do hair extensions.


tsiknaris hair is an award winning salon for being the best hair extensions salon in brisbane! Yes, we are that good.



Tape Hair Extensions can be described as an exciting and innovative hair extension method that results in a beautiful and natural look, avoiding stress and damage to your hair or countless hours of your time sitting in the hair salon.

We are the leading hair extensions industry salon in Brisbane for tape-in hair extensions. This specific method uses 100% human hair and the use of heat, beads, knots, glue, wefts, braiding or weaving is not required. These hair extensions are easily removed with a simple removal solution and the hair is left with minimal to no damage or breakage. Tape Extensions are the most seamless, natural and comfortable extensions on the market. They are affordable and there is no tangling, knotting or matting.



Show Pony Hair Extensions are made from the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin. Your hair no longer needs to struggle with not having enough volume, being too short or simply the wrong hair look. Hair extensions are quick and easy to maintain.


At Tsiknaris Hair Salon, our specialist can match rich, dark colours to mellow tints. If you are looking for a new look, then get inspired and let your hair stylist conjure up a custom colour creation for hair colours using a two-tone hair strand option. This will create interesting hair contrasts and amazing effects with the hair extensions. Hair Extensions also offers flow strands which are a type of hair extension that perfectly runs from dark to light hair colours for fabulous hair effects.

Need to look extra special for a wedding or special occasion? Let our hair extensions specialists apply hair strands with highlights/lowlights allowing special highlights for special occasions. Our certified stylists can apply many types of hair extensions.

Our experts in tape-in hair extensions will consult with you on the most appropriate style, colour and length for your hair. Prices may vary depending on thickness, volume and length desired and will be assessed during your consultation. Maintaining your extensions is NECESSARY every 6-8 weeks to keep the condition of your hair in tact and most importantly the condition of your natural hair. Re-applying includes removing, re-taping, cleaning and re-applying the extensions.


Schedule an APPOINTMENT TODAY to get hair extensions. Our professional salon hair stylists are the best in Brisbane!

Hair Extensions

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Q: Can Hair Extensions be virtually undetectable?
Yes they can. Show Pony high quality extensions are virtually undetectable . Our qualified stylists will transform your hair with marvellous real hair extensions and allow you to have long, thick and healthy hair. Long hair!
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