The world of hairstyling is ever evolving, and at Tsiknaris Hair, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. This season, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest sensation that’s taking the hair world by storm: The Butterfly Bob.

What is the Butterfly Bob?

A fresh and feminine take on the classic bob, the Butterfly Bob is characterised by its soft, fluttery layers, especially around the face. Think of the delicate wings of a butterfly, and you’ve captured the essence of this style.

Our expert stylists will craft soft layers through the back to remove weight and add volume.

Face-Framing Layers are essential for this look, these layers add a bouncy flow, giving a feminine touch to the classic bob.

Why Choose the Butterfly Bob?

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Icons like Zendaya and Jenna Ortega are already flaunting this style.
  • Versatility: Suitable for almost any face shape or hair type.
  • Low Maintenance: Embraces natural beauty aesthetics for an undone, untamed finish.

Styling Tips For The Butterfly Bob

The Butterfly Bob is all about embracing natural beauty with a touch of elegance. To achieve the perfect loose, unstructured finish that this hairstyle is known for, we recommend using Alfaparf Milano’s premium range of styling products.

    1. Prep Your Hair: Start with Alfaparf Milano’s Semi Di Lino Moisture Nutritive Leave-In Conditioner to detangle and hydrate your hair, ensuring it’s ready for styling.
    2. Add Volume: For those soft, bouncy layers, apply a small amount of Alfaparf Milano’s Volume Mousse. This will give your hair the lift it needs without making it stiff.
    3. Natural Finish: To let the layers fall naturally and maintain that effortless look throughout the day, set your hair with Alfaparf Milano’s Style Stories Flexible Mousse. It provides a light hold while keeping your hair touchable soft.
    4. Shine & Protection: Finish off with a light mist of Alfaparf Milano’s Cristalli Liquidi. Not only will it add a luminous shine to your Butterfly Bob, but it also protects your hair from environmental aggressors.

For those who adore low-maintenance beauty solutions combined with premium care, the Butterfly Bob styled with Alfaparf Milano products is a match made in heaven.

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