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Hair Colour Trends Experts Predict for 2021

With a new year comes new colour trends for hair, and the award-winning colour team at Tsiknaris Hair in New Farm Brisbane have their say on what the biggest colour trends will be for 2021.



Hair trends come and go with every season, but the need for natural and low-maintenance hair colour is eternal. A trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon are money pieces!  The prefect colour for clients who are craving a change but don’t want to commit to an all over colour or monthly visits to the salon. These beautiful bright pops of blonde that frame your face every so perfectly are giving clients a fresh look without all the fuss. Tsiknaris Hair’s award-winning colour specialist, Chris Tsiknaris states “Money pieces are the most wanted look right now in the salon, they create a beautiful lightness around the face, and its super easy to create.”



Balayage is another trend that has been around you ages and not going anywhere anytime soon! Balayage and Blonde specialist Anna Dahlin at Tsiknaris Hair says “the balayage trend for 2021 is heading in a pastel direction. Balayage in itself is a beautiful colour for those who don’t want to commit to a high maintenance colour, so the pastel balayage is perfect for those who are wanting to have a bit of fun, whilst keeping their maintenance low”. In order for Tsiknaris Hair’s colour specialists to achieve the perfect pastel tone, a foundation of a beautiful blonde balayage is required, making sure the ends are light enough to accept the pastel tones. If your highlights are more of a caramel tone, then opting for a more vivid hue to make it more noticeable is the best way to go!



When colour specialist and award-winning finalist Anna Dahlin was asked about the sandy topez colour trend this is what she had to say. Sandy Topez also known as winter blonde is, a beautiful blend of tones, that are neither ash nor gold is created by mixing highlights and mid-lights which creates this multi-dimensional shade of warm sandy and cool beige tones. Tones that are perfect for those clients who want to keep a beach vibe all year round.


The award winning colour specialist team at Tsiknaris hair have stated this stunning shade of red is back by popular to demand after its appearance in THE QUEENS GAMIBIT on Netflix. This beautifully sleek and sophisticated colour is definitely a true red. What is a true red? Let Tsiknaris Hairs colour specialist Chris Tsiknaris tell you. “A true red is deeper than a copper red, but lighter than an auburn”. The colour specialist team at Tsiknaris Hair go on further to say, “In most cases, you’ll achieve this colour in one appointment, but you’ll need to keep up on the maintenance with touch-ups every four to six weeks.”


Tsiknaris Hair colour specialists recommend one of their take home customised colour conditioners to help keep the colour as vibrant as possible in between salon visits.



Our blonde loving colour specialist Anna Dahlin loves nothing more than a creating beautiful blonde tones for her clients and the alpine ice has been something she has been seeing a lot of in salon lately. This icy shade is achieved by using foilyage or balayage—it keeps minimal dimension at the base with full saturation of blonde through the ends. Anna states that “once the blonde pieces are clean enough a toner can help achieve this ash blonde, and the best way to maintain the colour at home is to use one of our customised colour conditioners. Toners and colour conditioners are crucial to ensue there is minimal damage from overlapping the lightener.



When you want the best of both worlds, a low maintenance colour but want to feel lighter at the same time, this mushroom blonde is what you’re wanting! This multi-tonal hair colour is the perfect blend of deep ash blonde and brunette. According to colour specialists at Tsiknaris Hair, “It’s the perfect way for bright blondes to add some depth and contrast, or for brunettes to lighten up without the constant maintenance”.

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