Welcome to Tsiknaris Hair, where we believe that understanding your hair is the first step to achieving the perfect hairstyle. One common dilemma clients face when booking an appointment is accurately assessing the length of their hair. Fear not! In this guide, we’ll help you decode the mystery of hair lengths, making your next salon visit seamless and stress-free.

The above guide will help give you a visual of the different lengths Tsiknaris Hair offers for different services like our; Yuko Chemical Straightening, Keratin Treatments, Foiling and Colour. Also for helping you research styles that will suit the length of your hair when thinking about a haircut 

  1. Short Hair: Hair that falls above the chin is considered short. Think Pixie Cut! It’s a bold and trendy choice, offering versatility. When Booking: If your hair barely grazes your ears or sits between your cheek bone and jawline, it’s classified as short.
  2. Chin Length: This length falls right at or slightly below the chin. Think the classic bob! It’s a popular choice for those looking for a playful and modern appearance. When Booking: If your hair hangs around your chin, this is your category.
  3. Above Shoulders: Hair that falls between the chin and just hits the shoulders is considered above shoulder length. Think lobs and shags! It’s a versatile length that allows for various styling options, ask your Tsiknaris Hair artist for styling tips and tricks next time your in the salon. When Booking: If your hair falls between the chin and shoulders, you’re in this category.
  4. Long Hair: Long hair extends beyond the shoulders. Think beautiful ponytails! It provides ample opportunities for creative styling. When Booking: If your hair cascades down your shoulders, you fall into the long hair category.
  5. Mid Back: This length reaches the middle of the back. offering a luxurious and glamorous look. Choose styles that accentuate the natural beauty and length of your hair. When Booking: If your hair gracefully falls to the middle of your back, you’re in the mid-back category.

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