We are thrilled to announce that Hunter has won the prestigious Apprentice of the Year award at this year’s AHIA Creative gala at the completion of her apprenticeship. This accolade is a testament to her relentless pursuit of education and excellence, a journey marked by unwavering commitment and remarkable achievements throughout the last three years at Brisbane’s Best Salon, Tsiknaris Hair.

Hunter’s path to this moment has been nothing short of inspiring. From the very beginning of her apprenticeship, she demonstrated a passion for hairdressing that set her apart. Her determination to excel was evident in every task she undertook, every client she served, and every challenge she faced.

Over the past few years, Hunter has immersed herself in the world of hairdressing, continuously seeking opportunities to learn and grow. She attended numerous workshops, training sessions, and industry events, always eager to expand her knowledge and refine her skills. Her dedication to her craft has been a driving force behind her success, propelling her to new heights.

Hunter’s exceptional talent and hard work did not go unnoticed. Her impressive portfolio and contributions to the industry earned her the invitation to enter Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year hosted by the Queensland Government. Along with the Curate Awards that saw her work seen by leaders in the Australian hair industry.

Hunter’s journey has been shaped by the exceptional training and mentorship provided by the Tsiknaris Hair family. Under the guidance of our experienced and passionate Brisbane Artistic Team, Hunter’s skills were honed to a level worthy of this incredible accolade. The Tsiknaris Hair team takes immense pride in nurturing the talents of our apprentices, and Hunter’s success is a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and exceptional training.

Hunter’s love for all things creative colouring and smoothing services has been a driving force throughout her apprenticeship. Her keen eye for colour and meticulous attention to detail allow her to create stunning, personalised looks for each client. Whether it’s vibrant, multi-dimensional hues or sleek, polished finishes, Hunter approaches every project with artistic flair and technical precision. Her passion for these services not only showcases her talent but also highlights her commitment to helping clients express their unique style and beauty through innovative hair transformations making her sought after in Brisbane.

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