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Tsiknaris Hair is directed by leading stylist Bill Tsiknaris, and houses the most innovative, fashion forward stylists and colourists in Brisbane.

At Tsiknaris Hair our team of highly trained hair artists pride themselves on creating the most up to date styles and looks for the season. The skills of our stylists and colourists allow them to design personalised hair completely unique to you! We aim to make you feel like the best version of yourself time and time again. Executing your personal style is what we do best!



Salon Director & Leading StylIst

With over 28 years experience, Bill of Tsiknaris Hair is a household name on the Brisbane hair fashion scene; and internationally recognised for his creative collection work.


Director Hair Colourist & Salon Educator

As a leading hair colourist within my industry I greatly consider each individual clients focus features. Whether it is forming luxurious depth or seamlessly blended highlights. I will bring a revived finish to all of your colour requirements.


Director stylist, straightening specialist & salon educator

Introducing Dimitri: The Master of Cutting and Hair Straightening Virtuoso

Dimitri’s true passion lies in the art of cutting, and he thrives on understanding your needs, considering your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle to create a bespoke look tailored just for you – all while adding a modern, fashionable twist. As one of Australia’s best hair straightening specialists, Dimitri is a true master of his craft.

With his exceptional talent for precision and keen eye for detail, Dimitri transforms your hair into a stunning reflection of your unique style, ensuring you leave his chair with renewed confidence and a look that turns heads.

Experience the magic touch of Dimitri, the Master of Cutting and Hair Straightening Virtuoso, and let him elevate your hair to new heights of beauty and sophistication.



Director Stylist & Straigtening Specialist

Introducing Shae: Director Stylist & Straightening Specialist – The Master of Precision

2022 AHIA Australian Master Cutter of the Year / Winner

2022 AHIA QLD Hairdresser of the Year / Finalist

With over 20 years of experience in the industry as an all-round stylist, Shae has carved an incredible reputation as a master in cutting and straightening, specializing in the renowned Yuko straightening system.

Shae’s extensive experience working with Yuko has given her a deep understanding of how chemical processes can affect hair condition. By harnessing this knowledge, she consistently delivers exceptional care for her clients’ hair, earning her a vast and loyal client base.

As a 2022 AHIA Australian Master Cutter of the Year winner and a finalist for the 2022 AHIA QLD Hairdresser of the Year, Shae’s expertise speaks for itself. Her keen eye for detail and ability to assess the best approach for each client’s face shape and hair texture set her apart from other stylists.

Trust in Shae’s wealth of experience and mastery of her craft, and let her transform your hair into a stunning reflection of your individual style.


Director Colourist & Blonde Specialist

Natasha has been in the hairdressing industry for 12 years, having started her career under industry leaders this has seen her create an amazing portfolio and skill set from the beginning.


Colourist & Reforming Specialist

Discover our Hair Whisperer Zara – a straightening specialist and braiding master who skillfully transforms hair using some of the world’s finest products, ranging from relaxing unruly locks to taming and straightening curls.

The secret to perfectly straightened hair is not just about the products used, but rather the execution and delivery. Our Hair Whisperer excels in strategic application techniques, tailored to suit every hair texture, ensuring stunning results.


For Zara The ultimate objective? To create silky smooth hair or bring control to even the most unruly tresses.


As an integral part of our clients’ needs, colouring is a realm in which the Hair Whisperer’s expertise truly shines. A firm believer in the power of customisation, our colour specialist knows that nothing accentuates your features better than a hue meticulously tailored to complement your complexion.

The Hair Whisperer’s superpower lies in colour – seamlessly blending shades and creating multidimensional colours that captivate and inspire. Embrace the transformative experience offered by our talented straightening specialist and emerging colourist, and step out with confidence, knowing your hair is the ultimate expression of your unique beauty.


Extension & Colour Specialist

Meet Shailey, our highly skilled Hair Extension Specialist and Colour Artist at Tsiknaris Hair. Over the years, Shailey’s passion for hair extensions has led her to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands. Her clients often receive the ultimate compliment – that their stunning hair extensions are virtually undetectable.

So, what sets Shailey apart as an exceptional extension specialist? It’s a powerful combination of knowledge, expertise in placement, precision in colour matching, and the ability to provide a clear path and direction to achieve each client’s desired look.

Shailey understands that the perfect colour plays a crucial role in accentuating one’s best features and complexion. With her artistic eye and skilful touch, she creates powerful transformations that enhance each client’s natural beauty, steering them towards the ideal direction for their unique style.

At Tsiknaris Hair, Shailey offers a personalized experience for each client, ensuring that their hair extensions and colour work harmoniously together, resulting in a seamless and captivating final look. Trust Shailey’s expertise and take a confident step towards the hair of your dreams.


Reforming & Colour Specialist

Meet Hunter, one of the artistic visionary of the Tsiknaris Hair team, whose true passion lies in creating mesmerizing colour work and mastering the art of smoothing/straightening treatments.

Hunter embarked on her apprenticeship journey at Tsiknaris Hair, blossoming under the expert tutelage of Director Colourist Chris Tsiknaris. This experience ignited her passion for delivering exceptional, jaw-dropping colour transformations and optimal results for every client that sits in her chair.

“My aim is to leave you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the world.”

For Hunter, the secret to stunning hair lies in maintaining its health and condition. Equipped with some of the world’s most sought-after products, she fearlessly pushes the boundaries of colour and style, crafting breathtaking looks without compromising the integrity of her clients’ hair.

As an emerging colour wizard and relaxing treatment specialist, Hunter is dedicated to providing each client with an unforgettable, personalized experience, tailored to their unique needs and desires. Her expertise in colour work, combined with her mastery of smoothing and straightening treatments, promises a transformational journey that leaves clients feeling revitalized, confident, and ready to turn heads with their dazzling new look.

Tsiknaris Hair


Hair & Scalp Treatment Specialist

Meet Bellah, our talented young assistant hairdresser, who is an integral part of our team at Tsiknaris Hair Bellah’s passion for the art of hairdressing and dedication to continuously learning new skills has made her an invaluable asset to our salon.

Having joined us last year, Bellah has shown an eagerness to expand her knowledge and skills under the guidance of our experienced team. Her enthusiasm and natural aptitude have allowed her to quickly become a specialist in hair and scalp treatments. Bellah is well-versed in a variety of treatments, including deep conditioning, detoxifying, and nourishing therapies, ensuring that our clients’ hair not only looks amazing but feels healthy too.

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Hair & Scalp Treatment Specialist

Introducing Lucy, our enthusiastic individual, and an invaluable member of the Tsiknaris Hair team. Lucy’s dedication to expanding her skills and passion for delivering the best possible care to our clients has made her an indispensable part of our salon family.

Lucy has demonstrated a keen interest in mastering the art of hair shampooing and scalp treatments. She firmly believes that the foundation of beautiful hair lies in a healthy scalp, and her devotion to understanding the intricacies of various hair and scalp concerns has allowed her to specialise in delivering tailored solutions to our clients.

In addition to hair shampooing, Lucy is adept at providing a range of hair and scalp treatments, including deep conditioning, detoxifying, and nourishing therapies. Her focus on using high-quality, science proven products ensures that our clients’ hair not only looks fabulous but also feels healthy and vibrant.

Clients appreciate Lucy’s warm and approachable demeanor, which creates a comforting and enjoyable atmosphere during their appointments. Her attention to detail and commitment to providing exceptional customer service ensures that each client leaves our salon with a renewed sense of confidence in their hair.

We are proud to have Lucy as a part of our team at Tsiknaris Hair and are excited to watch her continue to flourish in her hairdressing career. To experience Lucy’s exceptional hair shampooing and scalp treatments or to schedule an appointment with her, please contact our salon or book online today.

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